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WADC Inc Ladies and Men's State Teams

WADC Inc Ladies State Team 2006.
Natalie Carter: Nollamara R.S.L. Mixed: 69.57. Louise Ball: S.D.L.D.A. Jodie Hislop: Peel Ladies. Dot McLeod. S.S.L.D.A. Gillian Hackett: S.S.L.D.A. Brooke Carpanoni: Manjimup Ladies. Vickie Hepple: Peel Ladies. Kim Kelly: Perth Ladies.
Reserve: Samara Ash: S.D.L.D.A.
Captain: Betty Hislop. Manageress: Agnes Ball.

WADC Inc Men's State Team 2006.
Tony David: 95.28: S.D.D.A. Laurence Ryder: 84.47: R.D.D.A. Graham Hunt: 82.48: S.S.D.A. Joe Comito: 82.26: S.D.D.A. Kim Lewis: 81.65: S.S.D.A. Kerry Whear: 81.06: S.S.D.A. Paul Ramsden: 79.09: R.D.D.A. Brad Austen: 79.05: S.D.D.A.
Reserve: Nigel Hartley: Bunbury Men's.
Captain: Henry Forman. Manager: Bob Grayson.

Sunday 18th June
Wundowie Ladies Cup
Winner: Louise Ball - Swans: 74.77
Finalist: Shirley Corker - Mandurah: 65.70
Semi Finalists: Jodie Hislop - Peel:65.52 & Samara Ash - Swans 66.59.
Quarter Finalists: Gillian Hackett - South Sub, Vicki Hepple - Peel, Valinda Van Der Voet - Swans and Dot McLeod - South Sub .

180's: Jodie Hislop x 3 Gillian Hackett, Robyn McCloy.
Highest Peg: Jodie Hislop 122

B Grade
Winner: Kirsten Nunn - Nollamara .
Finalist: Jeanette Hislop - Peel.
Semi Finalists: Tarmeka Nestor - Morley and Nina Higgins - Morley
Quarter Finalists: Anne Payne - Wundowie, Pearl Fox - Gray - Wundowie, Gail McKenzie - Nollamara and Helen Hayward - Wundowie .

180's: Nikita Van Der Voet and Kirsten Nunn .
Highest Peg: Tarmeka Nestor 104

Sunday 25th June
Bunbury Classic
Ladies Open
Winner: Dot McLeod: 74.93.
Finalist: Louise Ball: 78.01.
Semi Finalists: Lauren West: 49.28 and Gillian Hackett: 64.72.
Quarter Finalists: Jodie Hislop, Vickie Hepple, Brooke Carpanoni and Samara Ash.

Highest peg-out 130 Samara Ash.

Men's Open
Winner: Graham Hunt: 88.79.
Finalist: Joe Comito: 83.20.
Semi Finalists: Beau Anderson: 78.04 and Bill Flowers: 70.34.
Quarter Finalists: Jeff Haebick, Nigel Hartley, Paul Ramsden and Brad Austen.

45 x 180s were recorded, Beau Anderson x 6 the most.
Highest peg-out 170 Brad Austen.

Mixed Doubles
Winners: Dom Comito and Shirley Corker.
Finalists: Trevor Welsh and Samara Ash.

Ladies Doubles
Winners: Louise Ball and Sandra Gadecki.
Finalists: Shirley Corker and Robyn McCloy.

Men's Doubles
Winners: Dom Comito and Mike Hymus.
Finalists: Glen McLeod and Syd Bainbridge.

180s Dom Comito, Trevor Welsh and Shirley Corker.
Highest peg-outs 153 Don Comito and 106 Gillian Hackett.

Sunday 16th July
Mandurah/Peel - WA Masters Open and "B" Grade 2006
Men's Open
Winner: T. David: 31.44 per dart.
Finalist: P. Ramsden: 28.14 per dart.
Semi Finalists: B. Austen: 96.12 and G. Hunt: 78.71.
Quarter Finalists: N. Hartley, K. Lewis, B. Anderson and L. Ryder.
180s: L. Ryder 5, P. Ramsden 5, Justin Miles 5, k. Lewis 4, B. Anderson 4, T. David 4, G. Hunt 4, H. Forman 3, A. Soc 2, R. Carpanoni Jnr 2, E. Heron 2, R. Bowen 2, G. Omond, E. Dryden, N. Hartley, D. Comito, G. Homer 1 each.
20 x 100+ peg-outs were recorded the highest being 161 by T. David.

Men's "B" Grade
Winner: P. Govorko.
Finalist: J. Harris.
Semi Finalists: L. Antunovich and N. Ramsay.
Quarter Finalists: S. Good, S. Gallagher, P. Sampson and B. Kenney.
180s: G. Hull, N. Ramsay, R. Farmer and D. Whear.
6 x 100+ peg-outs the highest being 140 by N. Ramsay.

Ladies Open
Winner: D. McLeod: 24.29 per dart.
Finalist: L. Broadbent: 26.81 per dart.
Semi Finalists: H. Platell: 76.44 and G. Hackett: 68.37.
Quarter Finalists: L. Ball, V. Van Der Voet, N. Carter and L. West.
180s: D. McLeod 2, L. Ball 2, S. Ash, L. Broadbent and N. Carter 1 each.
11 x 100+ peg-outs the highest being 140 by H. Patell and L. Broadbent.

Ladies "B" Grade
Winner: P. O'Conner.
Finalist: W. Quinn. Equal
Semi Finalists: T. Nester and L. Dann.
Quarter Finalists: P. Lennon, B. Rupert, D. Anderson and M. Whitehouse.
180s B. Hewitt.
!00+ peg-outs 120 M. Whitehouse, 114 P. O'Conner and 110 N. Van Der Voet.

Mandurah Drawn World Cup 4s: 15 teams competed.
Winners: Flounders: E. Dryden, B. Carpanoni, G. Dann Jnr and S. Corker.
Finalists: Cobblers: L. West, L. Homer, W. Quinn and D. Hughes.

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