Victoria Easter Open - Men's Results

Darts AustraliaRob Modra is the 2012 Darts Victoria champion defeating Western Australian Justine Miles 5 sets to 2 in the final.

Fresh from competition in Asia Rob opened up the first set 2 sets to nil in a set that included 22 ton plus scores and a maximum from Rob.

Rob continued the winning theme by taking the third set
2 -1 as missed doubles cost Justin dearly.

At 3 sets to nil Justin was down but not out as he fought back to win the third set 2-0 in legs of 18 darts apiece.

Justin continued the fight back winning the fifth set 2 -0 in 19 and 17 darts with 11 ton plus scores recorded.

Darts AustraliaThe score was now 3 sets to 2 and scene was set for an epic end to the match and Rob and Justin provided great entertainment for the crowd winning the sixth set 2-0 in 17 and 13 darts to move 4 sets to 2 up . Justin did his bit hitting 3 x 140 scores in a terrific set.

Rob closed out the match by taking the next set 2 legs to 1 which included 2 x 15 dart legs to become champion with a 5 sets to 2 victory over a worthy finalist in Justin Miles.

The final was a fitting end to a high quality day of darts with no easy games to be found.

The highest checkout was 156 for the Ladies by Corrine Hammond and 160 for the Men by Craig Atze.

A total of 150 maximum scores were recorded over the two days play with the talented Andrew Townes from South Australia topping the list with 14 180’s for the weekend.

Earlier in the day:

Mens Semi-Finals

Rob Modra 27.26 defeated Andrew Townes 28.84 - 3 sets to 2

Justin Miles 26.74 defeated Kerry Whear 26.91 - 3 sets to 2

Darts Victoria Mens Singles
Last Eight

Rob Modra defeated Criag Horan 3 sets to Nil
Andrew Townes defeated Sam Ballinger 3 sets to Nil
Kerry Whear defeated Laurie Loch 3 sets to Nil
Justin Miles defeated Eddy Sims 3 sets to Nil

Darts Victoria Mens Singles Last 16

Best of Three Sets
Laurie Loch defeated Frank Gibbs 2 sets to Nil
Kerry Whear defeated Steve Duke 2 sets to Nil
Craig Horan defeated James Rundall 2 sets to Nil
Rob Modra defeated Darren Webster 2 sets to Nil
Eddy Sims defeated Clinton Bridge 2 sets to Nil
Justin Miles defeated Dean Gibbs 2 - 0
Sam Ballinger defeated Michael Casser 2 sets to 1
Andrew Towns defeated Jackson Wilson-Young 2 sets to 1

Darts Victoria Mens Singles Last 32

Best of Three Sets
Frank Gibbs defeated John Casey 2 – 1
Laurie Loch defeated Henry Bajowski 2 – 1
Kerry Whear defeated Jordan Russell 2 – 0
Steve Duke defeated Andrew Coburn 2 – 1
Clinton Bridge defeated Pau Bithel
Eddy Sims defeated Mark Heath 2 – 0
Dean Gibbs defeated Tommy Hyland 2 – 1
Justin Miles defeated Matthew Francois 2 – 1
Sam Ballinger defeated Hayden Knowles 2 – 0
James Rundall defeated Crain Atze 2-1
Craig Horan defeated Mitch Clegg 2 – 0
Jackson Wilson-Young defeated Luke McGregor 2-1
Rob Modra defeated John Weber 2 – 1
Andrew Towns defeated Ian Wise 2 – 0
Darren Webster defeated Brian Morris 2- 0
Michael Cassar defeated Harley Kemp 2-1

Men's Groups
Group 1   Group 2
Rob Modra   Jackson Wilson-Young
Mark Harse   Matthew Francois
Frank Gibbs   Craig Kemp
Sam Ballinger   Craig Horan
Ben Justice   Kerry Whear
Mark Heath   Steve Kewish
    Robert Wise
Group 3   Group 4
Tic Bridge   Craig Atze
Michael Cassar   Daniel Lill
Brian Morris   Shane Reeve
Ryan Barker   Tommy Hyland
Laurie Loch   Ian Wise
Brodie Dawson   Andrew Coburn
Eddie Szuszkiewilz   Daron Clark
Group 5   Group 6
Andrew Townes   Darren Webster
Steve Duke Snr   Andy Warren
Jamie Rundle   Paul Bithell
Simon Sykes   Andrew Waters
Dean Gibbs   Jamie Brown
Mairo Brooks   Harley Kemp
Stuart Coburn   Henry Bajowski
Group 7   Group 8
Mitchell Clegg   Eddy Sims
Jordan Russell   Hayden Knowles
Luke Mcgregor   Andy Robertson
Justin Miles   John Casey
Terry King   Michael Francois
Dave Farbus   John Weber

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